"My VW t4 is my pride and joy.  I only ever trust the guys at Luckwell Garage to look after it."

Jason Owen - Owen IT Solutions



"Jon provides a spot on service, he's always happy to help, with no job to small and gives good advise.  He had my van painted at a good cost and only took 3 days to complete. He also sorted my wheel alignment using another company all organised by himself."


Joe Mitchell - BrizzleDubs



"Jon helped me get my t4 together after the turbo failed and helped me save a lot of money without cutting corners! Luckwell is a very trustworthy company with a passion for vw. very reliable and friendly service."


Owen Sheppard - BrizzleDubs



"Jon and Pete at Luckwell Garage are the only fellas that look at my vehicles (Mercedes ML 4x4, VW T4 and the wifes corsa).  I've known them for about 10 years and they've always done a great job for a great price. I even gave him my Mercedes to respray while on holiday about 4 years ago and still looks amazing today. I have given loads of people Jon's numbe,r he and his dad are a great pair of blokes to know even if its just advice over the phone, he's always happy to help, but a little shy of the kettle.  I will continue to use luckwell garage for many years to come." 


Chris Vickers - BrizzleDubs